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About us

Jakom is an international supplier in animal proteins and fats. We offer you all kind of proteins and fats for the aqua feed, petfood, compound feed, mink feed, fertilizer and energy market.

Jakom works with various suppliers: this provides flexibility. We work closely with these suppliers to maintain a reliable and high-quality range of products for our clients. The relationships with our suppliers are based on honesty, legality, safety and quality. Based on these values Jakom ensures products of the right quality for your business.

Why you have to choose for Jakom:

We choose the best selected Europian suppliers in order to deliver our customers products within specification. This means high graded products from different Europian suppliers.

We strive to work on a durable relationship. The relationship is based on mutual trust from the past but also for the future. With the mutual trust we can serve customers with the right products.

With more than 35 years of experience in animal proteins and fats, we know how to serve your needs!

Jakom delivers you full load but also small pareels, BigBags or 25 kg Bags just in time. Ordered products of Jakom are delivered at the right place just in time!


Quality is something we take very seriously at Jakom. Our company delivers quality products that meet the standards of the customer. Each customer has its own requirements, Jakom tries to serve all the customers on that specific requirements.
In addition products are delivered of Jakom+, these products meet the GMP+ standards and, if desired, to the standards of Secure Feed. With the GMP+ certification Jakom+ complies to all local and international legal standards contained in the feed industry. Herewith we guarantee reliability, quality, durability and safety.

Meet Our Team

Frank van Vels
Frank van Vels(Junior) Accountmanager